This page is to serve as a guide specific to American Payroll Association and American Accounts Payable Association affiliated chapters.APALogoColor  APA and AAPA chapters may now partner with to provide an added benefit to chapter members and visitors.

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We are proud to be partnered with the American Payroll Association (APA) and the American Accounts Payable Association (AAPA).  When you visit either or, one of the menu items is “Job Board.”  This is the APA/AAPA Job Board that is powered by  The APA/AAPA job boards include jobs listed in accounting, finance and human resources from across the country.AAPA_logo1

An added feature of the APA and the AAPA job boards is the Job Search Tool Kit.  The Job Search Tool Kit is a series of e-learning modules designed to help educate members on navigating the job search process. 

These same benefits are now available to all of the local APA/AAPA chapters.  Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about how the local chapters can benefit from this type of partnership, how the partnership works, and how to get started.

Watch the following video to hear directly from APA and a local chapter leader about how they have benefited from this partnership.

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Who is is the nation’s largest locally-focused employment website.’s whole mission is connect great local people with great local employers. is a unique online community that provides the forum, resources, and technology to connect employers, job seekers, and community organizations.  The flagship brand,, has presence in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.  Our sister companies, and, round out the presence in all 50 states.

What is the Jobing Foundation?

The Jobing Foundation is the corporate foundation of  The Jobing Foundation is committed to helping people find better jobs and career opportunities to improve their lives.  The Jobing Foundation provides local nonprofits and professional associations with the opportunity to connect to the resources of through in-kind grant opportunities.  We have partnered with APA and local APA chapters to provide greater access to employment opportunities and the skills necessary to gain that next career opportunity for the members of the payroll community.  Additionally, we support the efforts of the APA chapters from encouraging participation by payroll professionals, attendance to the meetings, and enhanced membership.  After all, getting the job is just the first step.  We believe being a part of the a professional association is essential to growing as an individual and to your career development.

Why has the APA / AAPA chosen to partner with

The American Payroll Association and the American Accounts Payable Association are the premier professional associations in their respective career focus areas.  They both are highly respected and support the professions in the areas of knowledge, resources, public relations, and training.  They are the experts in the field.  In order to also be a resource for payroll and accounts payable professionals in the area of finding new employment opportunities, they chose to partner with, an expert in employment, in order to expand on the Job Board.  The new job boards on and provide literally hundreds of career opportunities from across the country.  The Job Boards are powered by, meaning that provides the technology and the service of the site.  And the members and visitors to the sites benefit from increased exposure to potential employers.

The Job Search Tool Kit helps visitors to the Job Board gain the skills needed to navigate the difficult process of finding that next perfect job.  These learning modules fit with the continuous learning philosophies of APA and AAPA. 

Is this type of partnership available to the local chapters?

Yes! As an APA or AAPA affiliated chapter, your organization is automatically qualified to take advantage of the same Job Board and Job Search Tool Kit technologies for your website.  Additionally, if you are in one of the 19 states listed above, you may qualify to also take advantage of free marketing services for your organization to help promote attedance and membership.

How does a partnership with the local chapter work?

Essentially, provides the technology for your website.  We copy the look/feel of your website and put our Job Board and Job Search Tool Kit technology behind it.  Local jobs posted to your website will appear on your website and will be cross posted to APA and AAPA’s websites.  And when an appropriate job for your area is listed at the APA, AAPA, or the family of websites, these will also appear on your website.  The result is a consolidated effort of the local and the national associations to bring the greatest benefit to the member. 

It really is a fairly straightforward process.  You do not need to have any special technical skills in order to implement this partnership.  We do the majority of work for you.  There are 4 basic steps.

  1. You complete the Career Community Grant Application on behalf of your chapter.  This is more of a formality since you are pre-qualified to receive the grant.
  2. Once we receive the grant application, we will place your job board request in the queue with our technology department.  They will then create your customized job board to match the look and feel of your website.  (This takes a few weeks.)
  3. Then, we will contact you (and/or your website administrator) with a URL (website address).  The job board technology actually resides on our servers. 
  4. You (or your website administrator) either creates a new button or if you have an exciting Jobs section, redirects that button to the new job board. 

That’s it!

An added benefit to APA chapters that are within the 19 states, your chapter may be eligible to also receive marketing benefits through media outlets including an organizational profile, the ability to blog, and post events.  These blogs and events may be additionally picked up to be featured in our e-newsletter that reaches thousands of local readers in your area.  The 19 states are Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.

What are the benefits of this partnership to our chapter’s members in search of a new position, local employers seeking to hire payroll professionals, and the chapter itself?

Job Seeker/Member Benefits:

  • Members in search of career opportunities in your area will benefit by an increased number of opportunities that they find when utilizing your website as a resource.
  • Jobs are targeted, but broad enough to allow flexibility for an individual’s career path and growth.  Jobs listed are in Accounting, Financial Services, and Human Resources.
  • Research potential employers through the in-depth company profiles and links.
  • Build and submit resumes online.
  • Job seekers may store up to 10 customizable resumes and cover letters for future use
  • Resumes can be searchable or confidential, or hide the resume from specific employers.
  • Members may store jobs for which a resume has been submitted.
  • The Job Search Tool Kit provides a free training resource to help members become more effective at the job search process.

Employer Benefits:

  • Increase your exposure and drive more candidate response with additional Jobing advertising and branding opportunities.  Jobs are cross-posted from the local chapter website to the APA and AAPA national sites and the Jobing network in order to increase qualified response.
  • Target the right candidates with detailed, local job postings.
  • Use our Resume Search to search for the perfect fit.
  • Get more information from your applicants and sort through applicants by using’s PreScreen Questions.
  • Get great candidates sent to your in-box with Resumes-by-Email.
  • Share your story, your culture – showcase your employment brand with JobingVideo and Company Profiles.
  • Turn your corporate website into a powerful recruitment tool with our Career Centers.
  • Use our applicant tracking system to manage your online recruiting, track OFCCP disposition status, and run reports direct from the Jobing Recruiting Desktop.
  • Build great relationships with your potential candidates with our Jobing Community Blogs.

Chapter Benefits:

  • Jobs are fed to your website from both your website and other sites so it creates a greater resource for your members.
  • Having a more robust job board creates an image that the chapter is working for its members.
  • Members visiting your website will have more opportunities from which to select.
  • Links local chapter in with national website jobs, consolidating efforts.
  • services the job board, so it frees up your chapter volunteers to work on mission-driven activities.
  • In the 19 states, chapters will benefit from additional marketing services.  As the brand grows, these benefits will automatically be included for the other chapters.
  • It’s free to the chapter! 

Will managing the job board be time consuming for our volunteers?

No, not at all.  We do all the work and service the employer’s needs.   The job search and resume posting is self-service for the job seeker.  When an employer posts a job, our staff receives a notification.  They will then contact the company and explain the added benefit that they are receiving by posting a job to your website.  As the job posting progresses, we watch their progress to ensure they are receiving enough qualified candidates.  We will work with the employer and adjust their posting if necessary.  In order to keep the jobs fresh, postings expire after 4 weeks.  We contact the employer at that time to see if they are still in need and will repost positions that are still open.

We already have a job board.  Why would we choose to take advantage of this partnership opportunity?

This is designed to replace your current job board.  The end result is that we all want to get your members in need of a job hired by a great local employer.  For some organizations, the current job board may only list a few opportunities or jobs may not be targeted at APA/AAPA membership.  By providing a targeted resource that consolidates efforts, the job seeker does not need to visit as many different places to locate that potential next great career opportunity.  And a working professional is more likely to renew their membership with your local chapter.

How is this going to help us provide additional jobs for our members?

Currently, if you do have a job board, the jobs listed are only from those organizations that know of your association.  They may be members themselves.  However, there are literally hundreds of employers that do not know of your local chapter.  For instance, maybe a company is hiring their first payroll specialist.  The individual that is listing the job could be the CFO or the HR Manager and may not be aware that the APA has a local chapter.  They want to advertise their job so they search for professional associations or they already list their jobs with  Without this partnership, your members may never hear of the opportunity. And sometimes, employers just find it more convenient to list it in one public place, rather than finding that niche site.  That’s where this network comes in.  We’ll feed those jobs to your site through this technology.

We’re not perfect and don’t claim to be.  We may not list all jobs in an area, but working collaboratively with the help of the local chapters, the American Payroll Association, and the American Accounts Payable Association, we strive to make this a valuable resource for those professionals in transition — your members in need.

What is the cost of this benefit to our chapter?

It’s no cost to the chapter.  This is a value to it, however.  We provide this value as a in-kind grant to your organization.  It’s our way of giving back and showing our appreciation for all the hard work you do as a volunteer, the professions of payroll and accounts payable, and the community at large.  To provide this type of robust technology, some web developers would charge literally $1000s to create it.  Since each of these grants is customized for your local chapter, the in-kind value varies.  However, we will send you a grant award letter with actual values upon receiving your grant application.

What is the cost to post a job for an employer?

Charges vary on a localized basis.  There is never a cost to the association, only to the employer that is hiring.  To find the current rate for jobs in your area, visit the employers section of either the APA ( or the AAPA job board (

Our current job board is free to post for members.  Why would we allow to charge for postings on our site?

It actually increases the number of jobs!  I know… opposite of what you’d think right?

Yes, there is a charge for the employer to post a job including those that are members of the association.  This is the business of  We promote employment advertising.  

However, employers see this as a value.  There’s actually psychology working behind it.  There is an implied notion that when I pay for something, I’ll get a better service.  “You get what you pay for.”  Free posting sites may get a single posting here and there, but employers soon forget that they even put it there.  They are not as engaged in the process of hiring from YOUR membership.

By posting to your website, they are advertising to a targeted group of professionals.  Their jobs have a much greater reach to qualified candidates because they are automatically cross-posted to the national organization’s website as well.  Besides, employers are used to paying for the service of marketing their openings. 

If you like, we can have a transition period for your site.  Our goal here is not to reduce the member benefits for your organization, but grow them.  By consolidating these job boards, it’s our hope that your site will have more opportunities listed, more employers will use it as a resource when they see more jobs, and your members will get the jobs and the qualified talent they need to succeed.

Our current job board is a members-only benefit.  Should we keep it members only or make it public?

It’s great that you want to provide additional value to your members.  And yes, networking for employment opportunities is one of them.  We believe that it is the greatest value to your members to have a robust and easy-to-use resource for their job search.  Whether to make this a members-only resource is really up to you.  However, we have a bias.  Our experience has proven that if your association is seen as a resource, even before the individual is a member, they are more likely to join the association and be a long-term supporter.  Allowing all employers to post on the site creates an opportunity for a greater number and wider variety of jobs for the members and visitors to the site. 

Sometimes the jobs on our site are older or are filled by the time our members see them.  How do you ensure our members are seeing fresh jobs?

Jobs are listed on the site for up to 4 weeks.  In that time, we work closely with the hiring employer to ensure that the job is still in play.  If the job is still open after that time, employers may choose to repost the position as a new one. 

We are an association exclusively for payroll and/or accounts payable professionals.  How do you ensure that the jobs listed are targeted to our skills and training?

Every individual takes a different career path to get to where they are today or where they might go in the future.  Therefore, we list jobs on APA/AAPA chapter sites that both take into account the specialization of the profession as well as the idea of career expansion.  Jobs are listed in accounting, financial services, and human resources.  Searches may be narrowed by searching by just one skill category or conducting an advanced search incorporating keywords, education background and more.

How can we market our local chapter through

This is for now a limited benefit, available for states only.  If your chapter falls in one of these states, this section applies to you… Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Your organization will receive the ability to market your local chapter through  This includes:

Which APA & AAPA Chapters are currently partnered with

The following is a list of current sites that utilize this benefit:

How do we get started?

Please complete the online Career Community Grant Application.  We will be in touch with you when we receive it and give you an estimated timeline for you to receive your new job board. 

Our chapter does not have a website.  Could we benefit as well?

Yes.  For APA  or AAPA chapters without a current website, we are offering a free simple website platform to get you started.  Please note that we offer this as a free service because we are able to do so in a templated format.  We will design and host the website at no cost.  Once the website is created, we ask that a volunteer (or two) from your association join us on several training webinar to learn how to make the occasional updates you’ll need to keep your site fresh and up to date.  Of course, this website includes an integrated Job Board and Job Search Tool Kit.

The following link will take you to a page that includes format templates for your website.  The first step is to select one of these templates.  These templates are for the colors, the look, and the feel of your website only.  We will customize the header to represent your geographic region.  Please take note of where the menu is located (top or left). 

The items on the menu will follow our standard APA chapter format outline.  This includes the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • About Us (including Board of Directors)
  • Events
  • Membership
  • Job Board
  • Resources
  • Contact Us

Some features of the APA / AAPA chapter websites include:

  • Ability to update basic content
  • Events automatically expire
  • Accept online RSVP or reservations for events
  • Online payments available through Google checkout
  • Can upload photos and documents

How do I contact the Jobing Foundation?

You may contact Vicki Steere, Executive Director at or 602.795.2787.

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