Watching this video from Pursue the Passion reminds me why the Jobing Foundation exists.  We’re here to help people find a passion for their career.  It’s in all of us to find that one thing that makes us get enthusiastic about what we’re doing.  There is a link between what we love as a child to career success. 

Please join us in helping our current workforce find their passion by not settling.  It’s okay to take a job for necessity, but uncover the piece of that job that fits your passion and grow with it. 

And join us in helping our future workforce discover it earlier in life.  Experience Your Future Day is one way that companies can get involved.  No… you’re not recruiting 8th graders.  I believe its our responsibility to ensure that our youth understand the connection, the link between their education of today to their jobs of tomorrow.  We can work together to help our youth discover their passions earlier on.

The first annual Experience Your Future Day will be held Thursday, April 30, 2009 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.  7500 Phoenix area 8th grade students will meet with employers and post-secondary educators to see what it’s really like to work in a variety of fields and what education they need to get there.