Important Message from the Executive Director: 
The Jobing Foundation is an ‘operating foundation,’ meaning that we do not at this time provide monetary grants.  The Jobing Foundation creates and conducts programs that are of direct service to the public we serve. Thank you for your interest in workforce development and for all the great work that many local profits are doing in this area.  We applaud you all!

Our Philosophy:

A job can be a day of knowledge, growth and learning. A productive and social environment where teams work together to fulfill a common goal… to make the world around them a better place. A place where an individual can obtain a sense of accomplishment. Where any one can capture the passion to succeed. And a person should be able to get these feelings from any type of job or employer… if it’s the right one for them.

At the Jobing Foundation, we want our Communities’ workforce to feel this passion for their future. A doctor, a housekeeper, a lawyer, a fire fighter, a waitress, a sales person… When it’s the right fit, we can all enjoy our jobs. And with enjoyment comes greater productivity for a strong Community.

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